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About Us

Sojournal creates bespoke journeys with the adventurous and enlightened traveller in mind. By combining authentic experiences with exceptional destinations, we seek to deliver truly meaningful travel.

Our Ethos

We believe travel has the power to transform. We encourage people to step outside their daily lives and encounter new places with a more mindful eye, creating profound and lasting benefits. By taking inspiration from the outside, we believe we can change on the inside.

Our Journeys

We design uniquely fulfilling journeys – from mindful escapes to rugged adventures – characterised by the opportunity to centre oneself, to breathe and to learn. Exclusive and tailor-made, all our journeys inspire personal development and transformation.

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The Art of XYZ

Sojournal is part of The Art of XYZ, a family of luxurious wellness brands inspired by the desire to grow inner awareness and encourage the flow between our external experiences and our deeper perceptions. From dedicated fitness studios to inspirational wellbeing destinations, everything AOXYZ delivers is designed to encourage a beautiful balance of body, mind and soul.